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Produce Peddlers
is an online produce

We are committed to providing our buyers with the most local, fresh and transparent marketplace available, and our sellers with an abundance of buyers. We are also committed to helping in the fight against food waste. All of the produce listed is consumable and delicious, though some may have failed to meet the stringent quality control measures set by retail outlets, or could have been overstocked.

52 billion pounds of food from manufacturers,
grocery stores and restaurants end up in landfills.

Turn food waste
into profit

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Using photos, price, description, quality, country of origin, and quantity.

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Restaurants, Caterers, Coffee shops, Distilleries, Bakeries, and more!

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Small businesses are happy due to cost savings. Sellers are happy because of revenue gains.

Easy Payment & Delivery Options

Produce Peddlers handles payment transactions and delivery.

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Now's your chance to taste success.


Turn your potential waste into profit.


Find great produce at great prices.

Strong industry roots

We believe produce is a precious commodity,
that’s why we created Produce Peddlers.

With our combined 40-years of experience in this highly perishable and volatile industry, we understand time is of the essence when buying and selling fresh produce. Every year an estimated $160 billion of fresh produce is simply thrown out. We know suppliers are commonly unable to liquidate their off-grade and surplus inventory in an efficient manner.
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